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Thứ Năm, tháng 8 09, 2012


600 USD a month
working only 20 minutes a day

You have the opportunity to earn online $ 20.00 a day working only 20 minutes, without investing a penny of their money . I open the account for you online casino, I get at their money, training systems rate at which you earn for me and for yourself.

You have to do:

Responsibility, commitment and honesty.
access to the Internet.
Webmoney Purse or Liqpay to receive their part of the profits.
fully mastered offered me a gambling system.
Accessing Skype, for learning, communicating with me and complete information support.

WARNING! the Internet there were crooks who create their own similar Skype username and asking people for money for opening accounts. No one is paying any money. I open the accounts and looking for some money on them for free.

Click on my SKYPE-login for that would send me a message on Skype:
Skype: z88665544
E-mail: ol.seme4kin@yandex.ru

For me to be sure that you are all very clear and could trust you with their money, read carefully and repeatedly the whole of the text below.

The shocking truth about the game of roulette ...

I am sure each of you just met on the internet articles about how some guy on the Internet earns $ 500 an hour playing roulette by the "Martingale" placing a doubling rate of one and the same color to As long as it does not fall out. I have to disappoint you, so you will never win, even though many of you who have already tried the system, they know it better than me. There are several reasons why the system of "Martingale", which was filled with all the Internet does not work. Let's consider them.
  • The first and most important reason is that they know about this system to the last online casino. And they have long been put on her defense. Protection is very simple, from time to time the casino will automatically includes a series of loss of one color of 15 or more times in a row. And even if you managed to make some money on this system, you still lose every cent.
  • The second reason, no casino will not let you win according to the "Martingale" $ 500 per hour. Each casino offers to win, but it lasts up to a certain monetary threshold usually is 5-10% per day of your deposit. But there is a casino, which give benefit and 20%, and you quickly begin to lose.
  • The third reason, at any site on the Internet does not set out all the details, which we have to build a winning strategy for the game against the casino.
There are plenty of reasons why the standard "Martingale" does not work, I have shown you the basic ones.Those who played on this system, I think have long agreed with my arguments. So forget about all the systems on which you have heard before.

And now, I'm still going to show you how you can make money playing roulette.

On my system, taken as a basis of my knowledge of the software is the Internet casino, and mathematical calculations of probability. Specifically, the probability of winning rate of 18 fields spanning the 37 possible. By making such a bet, our chances of winning 48.6% (18/37 * 100). The system is very simple, we focus on one color and, if our bid was played, we will earn the amount of money equal to our rate, and if not, we double the bet, and again put. Question. We put on that? In any case, if the first time you set, for example, the red, you do not have to continue to put on the red-doubled for as long as it does not fall out. It's a losing system - you will run out of money when the program will give 15 reds in a row. So what, then put? There is one proven method that is never able to calculate, no computer program in the world. You take a regular coin and knocking it. If you roll a "heads", you bet on black, if the "tails" - on red. Thus, your system rates it is not clear for either the computer program in the world, your technique quite nonrecognizability for control and monitoring systems. As if the program is not trying to figure out which system you bet and follow a pattern, it still will not work, because even you do not know what you put, making the next bet. Betting so you can guess very quickly, and that table with the calculations of probability proof.

Probability values ​​for each run roulette see table.

Number of starts rouletteThe probability of lossThe odds of winning

Now closer to the practice.

Please read carefully, how it works and Make your notes. The fact that you are about to read is based on mathematical calculations and psychological tricks casino. The system works if you follow my instructions exactly!

So, make your first bet of $ 1.00, for example, red. Loot red - your income of $ 1.00. Dropped black - your loss of $ 1.00. If you lose, you flip a coin again, if the point is "eagle" you bet on black, if the "tails", you bet on red, but the rate is $ 2.00. If you win you get $ 4.00 (minus the previous rate of 1 +2), therefore, $ 1 - is your income. If your bid is not over played, you flip a coin again, if the point is "eagle", you bet on black, if the "tails" you bet on red, but the rate is $ 4.00. If you win you get $ 8.00 (minus the rate of 1 +2 +4), so that $ 1.00 back your income. And so on ... After winning the coin toss again and place a bet, but starts with the $ 1.00.

Quite simply, after every loss doubles the bet after each win, do the minimum bid. Choose a color - according to the results of the fall of the coins.

Each winning bet will return you the money for all of the previous losing bets, and give $ 1.00 profit. Typically, more than 5 times in a row to double is not necessary, but more often it 2-3 bet and win. But personally, I always leave yourself in the account for the maximum amount of bets. So I was forced to work the theory of probability in its favor without leaving Internet casinos a chance. Making 100 bets, and the theory of probability, you win about 49 times, and each win will increase your score by $ 1.00 20 minutes on average, your income will be $ 50.00.

And so you can earn every day,
if you respect some golden rule:

  • First, play well in double the bet ($ 1.00, $ 2.00, $ 4.00, $ 8.00, $ 16.00, $ 32.00, $ 64.00, $ 128.00,...).
  • Second, to bet on the results clearly a pop coins. The fundamental error of beginners is that they are starting to include logic and 5-6 times in a row when the red drops they start to think that is about to fall off the black and begin to bet on black. And everybody loses, because it hit the red series of 15 times or more.
  • Third, your income per day from one gaming account shall not exceed 20% of your initial deposit, so as not to attract the attention of monitoring and control.
  • The fourth, and one of the most important rules. Before starting the game on the system, make three times the rate for $ 1 at the same time on the red and black. After that, you have exactly 15 minutes to make money on the system. In the first 15 minutes of the game, the casino always gives increased chances of winning to entice players to play on. For 15 minutes of the game, using the "fast scroll", you can earn about $ 20. Play as many times a day, and you'll always win.
  • Fifth, most casinos use different software from different vendors. To be sure of the results you want, choose those casinos, in which software is suitable for our system.
And remember, above all, the way you bet, it's only 30% of the desired result, and the remaining 70%, the use of the golden rule, because they are the foundation to achieve positive and lasting results.

Learn my method, it is necessary!

If after reading my instructions you will be incomprehensible, even the slightest detail you should definitely contact me and sort things through. If I wake you at 4 am, you should be able to tell my method in detail!

WARNING! the Internet there were crooks who create their own similar Skype username and asking people for money for opening accounts. No one is paying any money. I open the accounts and looking for some money on them for free.

Contact me if you have any questions you can through (click on my username SKYPE-for that would send me a message on Skype):
Skype: z88665544
E-mail: ol.seme4kin@yandex.ru

Frequently asked questions.

Why are you so confident in your system?
I participated in the development of software and security systems and monitoring for many online casinos, so I know their strengths and weaknesses firsthand, but from within. I studied mathematics and psychology, on which this software and in this I have a great experience.

If I agree to work for you, how often you pay your wages?
Every 7 days immediately after the withdrawal of money from the casino account.

Why do not you withdraw money from the casino every day?
All bills after withdrawal, subject to additional monitoring of the security services. On this undesirable to continue to play the same game account from which you have already taken out the money. The casino fee free prints money only once a month, with each additional withdrawal is taken extra fee of $ 10.

Where is the guarantee that I worked seven days and you will pay me my share of earnings?
And what you want to guarantee? And what is the warranty at all? All the work goes on mutual trust, you, too, can break my system and lost. I will say this - it makes no sense to me to deceive you, because in that case you will not be in the future I have to work, and I will have to find new people to teach them again and so on ...

If we are always going to win money for the casino is really not expensive, because it goes bankrupt?
In online casinos go hundreds of thousands of dollars, of which earnings casino about 5%, while the remaining 95% going to pay the players, because if no one will win, then no one will play. As the game is a so-called redistribution of funds between the players, the casino anyway, who would win the money. The main thing is not to win a single game score a lot of money every day. And to create the appearance that nothing is a lot of unrelated people from different cities and countries, some winning, while tens of thousands of other people who do not know the system, absorbed passion play, will lose much more.

What meaning you give to play us, because you can make yourself?
First of all, I have not hatched as long as necessary in order to earn as much money as I earn all of you.Secondly, I like to spend my time then to spend the money. And third, you need people to play with the different regions to the casino, there was nothing suspicious.

How much will I have to work every day, and how much will I earn?
Each day you will need to fill the $ 50, $ 20 is your share, my $ 30. On average, it takes 30-40 minutes a day.

I saw on the internet a lot of sites that tell how to beat the casinos at different systems and make it costs nothing. Who and why do these sites?
These sites twist people who know the system by which in some casinos you can win. Only now, they tell you it is not entirely or even offer a system that is not working. They do this with a view to tens of thousands of people trying to play at this casino on a losing system, and there are hundreds of thousands of lost dollars. And they are on the background of the crowd always win, but it went unnoticed.

How long have you been in this kind of earning, and what happens if I lose all your money?
Under this system, I paid for six months, and earned a pretty decent condition. And about the loss, I do not even know what to say because this has not happened. I am sure that this system is simply impossible to lose.Well, if playing on the system, you do lose my money, to you I have no claims to be.

Can you play on this system in other casinos?
Play? Of course you can, but that you'll win, I doubt it.


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Số: 2/4B - Trần Bình Trọng - P. Nguyễn An Ninh - Tp. Vũng Tàu
Điện thoại: 064.2470267 - Cell phone: 098.7723967 - 096.8977967
Email: ledinhduy67@yahoo.com.vn & ledinhduy67@gmail.com

Chuyên: Sửa chữa phần cứng, Cài đặt phần mềm máy Vi tính, Laptop.


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